Wonders of the Tomato!

Tomatoes are bright, round, and delicious. Aside from filling out tummies with it’s deliciousness, did you know that tomatoes are also good for other things? Tomatoes are often bright red in color, that is round in color, and offers a wide range of benefits.

200 years ago, people actually thought that the tomato was poisonous and that it belonged to the toxic nightshade family. But today, tomatoes are considered as the fourth most popular fresh market vegetable right after potatoes, lettuce, and onions. Hmm, I’m feeling hungry already.


I remember one time when I was accompanying my mother to her thyroid doctor and we bumped into my aunt. So my aunt invited us out for lunch and she ordered each one of us tomato soup because it was good for the skin. I have never forgotten that every time I eat tomato soup.


Tomatoes are a great source for vitamin C. I;m sure you are surprised because I am too. I always thought that it was citrus fruits that is known for vitamin C content but apparently tomatoes are too. Right now that COVID-19 is everywhere, it is a must to strengthen our immune systems so we won’t be hit so hard by the virus and our body has the best fighting chance against it. Aside from Vitamin C, the vegetable also contains anti-oxidants which we know is able to lower the risks of developing cancer. Tomatoes combat free radicals, which are known to be the cause of cancer.


Aside from vitamin C and anti-oxidants, Tomatoes are also famous for containing lycopene. Now what is lycopene? Lycopene is a polyphenol that has been found to be linked to prevent a certain type of prostate cancer. Good news boys! This compound is also responsible for giving the tomato it’s distinctive red color. We often hear in commercials saying that tomatoes are rich in lycopene, now we know what it is good for.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, and so are tomatoes. Beta-carotene is great in preventing or lowering the risk of developing colon cancer. Colon cancer is one of the worst types of cancer. It’s hard to detect and you can usually detect it when you are in the late stages and when you start to feel pain. Recently, the famous Chadwick Bosman, the actor who played as the Black Panther, died because of colon cancer. He has been battling it in secret.


Aside from cancer, eating tomatoes can also lower your blood pressure and can help you maintain a healthy heart. Fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and choline content which can all be found in tomatoes supports heart health. Hooray!


If you want to stay healthy, it is best that you increase your intake of potassium and lower your sodium. That’s the secret according to doctors. Guess I have to change my diet as well since I really enjoy eating salty food.

And lastly, tomatoes are also rich in folate. Wow! Such a fantastic vegetable! Folate works by balancing the homocysteine levels in our bodies. The homocysteine is responsible for an increase in heart attacks and strokes so it is best that they stay low and managed,


There are still a lot of benefits of tomatoes which we will discuss in our next article so make sure you come back! And while you are out and about why don’t you grab a few tomatoes for yourself and have a hearty tomato soup. Leave some of your favorite tomato recipes in the comments below! Have an awesome day!


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